It begins with our institute, the Analytische Zentrum Berlin- Adlershof. Founded more than 20 years ago, AZBA is today one of the most sought-after institutes for environmental, product analysis, and research in Germany. After we were able to examine a large number of cosmetics for ingredients and quality, we found that it was time for a cosmetic product to be actually 100% natural, a product that is pure and strong in impact and effect.


After a journey to the Amazon, back to his roots, and in search of pure and effective natural resources, Dr. Jirón found what he was looking for. Here there were secrets preserved for decades, raw materials that are not only natural but also strong in effect. That is how azba cosmetics Berlin was born. Together with his daughter Penélope, a second family business was founded, the subsidiary of AZBA..

azba cosmetics is a company from Berlin that not only unites several generations, but also our expertise in research and the current demand to develop and produce cosmetics consciously, in harmony with body and nature. This is what we call modern know-how.


The strength of azba cosmetics is the product development of pure natural cosmetic products and dietary supplements. We always start with the quality assurance of all raw materials. After completion of the development, we continue to ensure quality by also producing the products. Therefore, product development and production go hand in hand.

The parent company of azba cosmetics...



Our desire is to restore harmony between nature and man. We can only achieve this
by using natural ingredients whose effect has not only been proven over thousands
of years, but has also been tested and proven with modern know-how. In addition,
we attach great importance to the preservation and protection of nature, as well as
to sustainable and attentive production. By doing this, we can offer authentic,
healthy, and environmentally conscious beauty products.





Nature offers us a variety of plants, roots, seeds and fruits whose properties are still absolutely unknown or not fully researched. We select the treasures of nature, the
natural substances with special beauty effects, on the foundation of the ancestral
knowledge from the primitive people. We use ingredients from special ecosystems
of our planet. Through these unique active ingredients we can produce natural
cosmetics with fascinating care results. After all, we know that our body processes
natural substances better.



As a quality-conscious manufacturer, we rely on state-of-the-art technology for the
analysis and production of our natural cosmetics. This is ensured by our partner, the
Analytical Centre Berlin-Adlershof. The laboratory researches, analyses and tests all
plants, raw materials and products for us. We combine today's high standards of
cosmetics with thousand-year-old knowledge about the secrets of nature. This
interaction enables us to select natural substances in a carefully targeted manner.



In harmony with nature - We learn from the people who listen to nature. The
indigenous people have always possessed a fascinating knowledge of plants and
their effects. We draw on thousands of years of proven experience. Thanks to their
traditions we discover the secrets of nature. Instinctively, the indigenous people
remain faithful to the roots of nature and live in harmony with it.



Mindfulness and respect is the foundation for a deep understanding of nature and
its most primal use to us. Therefore it is our priority that no harm is done to nature
by the extraction of our ingredients. Sustainability and the preservation of nature
are the focus of our work. Mindfulness towards nature and humankind is the
beginning of a natural and wholesome lifestyle.



Sustainability - In order to ensure sustainable production, appreciation also plays an
important role. We respect the knowledge of the indigenous people and support
them in preserving their natural habitat. What nature gives us and what nature can
spare us makes our natural cosmetics an authentic, environmentally conscious
beauty product.



100% effectiveness - Proven experience with the active ingredients of plants gives
us the opportunity to guarantee natural and visible beauty effects. We obtain
samples from specially selected plants and examine them using the latest
technology. Analyses and tests prove the forecasted properties of the extracts and
nutrients. We only work with natural ingredients that have a proven effect on our



For the development we only use natural substances that do not contain any proven
harmful ingredients. This is ensured by accredited laboratories. Our cosmetics do
not contain any substances that are hazardous to health or to the environment. We
have AZBA GmbH to thank for our work. Our cosmetics are free of synthetic
preservatives. We do not want to reduce the high quality of the active ingredients in
our products by using preservatives.